Albany Community Charter School (K-8)

65 Krank St, Albany, NY 12202 | 42 S Dove St, Albany, NY 12202 | 518.433.1500

The mission of Albany Community Charter School (ACCS) is to provide a high quality educational experience for children in the Albany area by building a shared responsibility and commitment for student success. ACCS is modeled after the highly successful Community Day Charter Public School in Lawrence, Massachusetts — one of the best academically performing charter schools in that state. Each classroom at ACCS has two teachers, and tutoring and homework assistance are available. Students also receive instruction in character education.

  • Economically Disadvantaged Students 96%


    Quick Facts

    Year Opened

    Students Enrolled

    Demographic Breakdown

    • African American 98%
    • Hispanic/Latino 2%
    • Caucasian 0%

    2014 ELA Proficiency Rates

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    2014 Math Proficiency Rates


    2014-2015 Testing Highlights Coming Soon

    Executive Director: Neal Currie

    Principal: Andrea Ralph

    Authorizer: SUNY Charter Schools Institute

    Charter History: Awarded on September 9, 2006
    Received Five Year Renewal July 3, 2011

    Gender Model: Co-Educational

    Elementary School
    65 Krank St, Albany, NY 12202

    Middle School
    42 S Dove St, Albany, NY 12202

    Phone: 518.433.1500

    Fax: 518.433.1501




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